. . . from 'The I-Tal Genesis' LP. Verse one was inspired by the 1983 film Golgo 13: the Professional, which in turn led to the creation of an animated music video for this song. . . www.youtube.com/thegeddon


The Professional, green beret i'll take aim
And let one spin pon the top of ya brain,
Once you dudes get marked for death you'll hear shots
On the roof tops all you'll see is a silhouette.
I'll inhale deep then crumple my cigarette
And make a escape in a jet black Corvette
Wid a dark, gray racin' stripe but wearin' Ray Bans
Dressed up like a corporate business type.
On the turnpike mashin the gas, so fast
That bobble heads'll stop dancin' on the dash,
Stone-faced like Wesley Snipes or Bruce Wayne
Wid blue flames streaming out the exhaust pipes.
The prototype, K.A.R.R's like Michael Knight's and
Comes wit' radar screens and halogen headlights,
A streamlined frame that cuts the draft
And silicon on the v12 piston shafts
That weave, thru jams like a taxi cab.
When i'm crusin' beat streets to the secret lab
So hidden from view, it's nearly invisible
Where pot plants grow with the ivy on fescue.
And haze gets burnt when the Bunsens blaze
As two pens knit these rap crochets,
The tongue's a weapon, so when my mind sprays
I pull the shotgun, outta rose bouquets!


released January 1, 2014
Cuts and Scratches by DJ Precyse.
Produced by Nick Burnz
Written by Chalyse DuBanshee, Jus Blak and Methuzulah Gem.



all rights reserved


Chalyse DuBanshee Atlanta, Georgia

The I-tal Genesis LP soon come. Includes the singles Plush, 3 The Hard Way, It's Like, Wonderfull, Matinee and more . . .

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